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New Poultry vaccine delivery system developed in the United States


An alternate vaccine delivery system for new born chicks has been developed by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists to improve vaccination against intestinal diseases like coccidiosis.

A common and costly poultry disease, coccidiosis is caused by tiny, single-celled parasites that belong to the genus Eimeria. Infected birds spread disease by shedding oocysts, the egglike stage of the parasite. The infected birds are slower to gain weight and grow, and sometimes die.


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IFSA Food & Bev Live 2014


Food & Bev Live is a one day extravaganza of Foodservice excellence bringing together a mix of National skills finals, demonstrations, The Champions Gala dinner, new product launches, and a unique networking opportunity for all involved within this dynamic sector.

We had a great day meeting with customers and suppliers from around the country…


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All products sold by Rosie and Jim, Ballybrittas are produced in Dublin at their FSAI approved meats processing facility, to the highest possible standards of Quality Control.The company is committed to the strict adherence of food safety legislation governing the operation and to the principles of H.A.C.C.P. food safety management. 


LauraLynn – Development of Bereavement Support

Development of Bereavement Support - Rosie & Jim Chicken ProductsLauraLynn’s Family Bereavement Programme provides both formal and informal help and support to all children and families who are accessing our service. Many parents wonder how they will carry on after the death of their child. Every family’s experience is different and it can be a roller coaster of emotions.