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Rosie & Jim - Introducing Gluten Free Chicken Goujons!


Rosie & Jim Ballybrittas have developed a gluten free version of their award winning Chicken Goujon!
Ideal for Coeliac’s or consumers with wheat intolerance.

Portions of succulent, breaded fillet of chicken tenderloins with a coating that's just as light, golden and crispy as the original. These Gluten Free Chicken Goujons are completely gluten free.

Ask your butcher for Rosie & Jim Gluten Free Chicken Goujons!


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New Poultry vaccine delivery system developed in the United States


An alternate vaccine delivery system for new born chicks has been developed by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists to improve vaccination against intestinal diseases like coccidiosis.

A common and costly poultry disease, coccidiosis is caused by tiny, single-celled parasites that belong to the genus Eimeria. Infected birds spread disease by shedding oocysts, the egglike stage of the parasite. The infected birds are slower to gain weight and grow, and sometimes die.


Rosie & Jim Fresh Chicken & Frozen Chicken Products


Want to try our Fresh Chicken Products and our Frozen Chicken Products? Why not ask your local butcher the next time you call. There's a good chance s/he already stocks Rosie & Jim Chicken, Ballybrittas Products!