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Rosie and Jim were delighted to sponsor €1000 for the B S#ARP Studios School Event last Friday night.

It was a fantastic display of musical talent and a really great night of entertainment!

Well done to eveyone who performed and to all those behind the scenes!

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Kathy - Puppy Raiser

Meet Champ and his puppy raiser, Kathy!

Champ is settling in to lovely Howth and is enjoying being beside the sea, which he loves.

Kathy is going through early socialisation training with Champ at the moment and introducing him slowly to more and more crowded public spaces. She will work continuously with her dedicated puppy raising supervisor now to gauge Champ’s reactions to certain situations and how he is settling in at home with Kathy.

Kathy is an experienced raiser and supporter of Irish Guide Dogs.

Photos of Champ - he's growing fast!

Education & Training for Children’s Healthcare Team

LauraLynn is required to incorporate on-going learning into its service development initiatives, but unfortunately the cost of this is considerable.  Rosie & Jim, Ballybrittas have supported us this quarter by putting funding towards educational and training resources for our nurses and carers.  Funding for educational books and training for development and up-skilling is crucial to the development of the service and care we provide here.

Sponsorship of our Annual Report

Each year LauraLynn release an Annual Report, where our members, service users and funders can read about our activities and achievements in the past year while learning about our future objectives. It is an invaluable tool for communicating with all our stakeholders. We are hugely grateful to Rosie & Jim for sponsoring our Annual Report this year.

See more about LauraLynn Clinical Education & Training Department >

Rosie & Jim are delighted to donate €50 for a Tee Box and €100 as a contribution for the Mayfield GAA Annual Golf Classic fundraising event.

This annual event, raising money for the running costs of the club, is on this Friday 21st June at the Waterrock Golf Club.

Good luck to the 40/50 teams participating!

Rosie & Jim are proud to support Saint John Of God Hospital by donating €500 at Christmas time.
A fantastic worthy cause, Saint John of God helps people suffering from mental health problems.
Since its foundation in 1882, the mission of Saint John of God Hospital is to bring healing, care and wholeness to people who have mental illness or psychological and emotional problems.
Assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and care are provided in accordance with the highest professional standards and always in keeping with the ethos and caring traditions as modeled for us by Saint John of God.

Find out more about Saint John Of God on their website -
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Family Fun Day - Rosie & Jim Chicken ProductsThe Family Fun Day which takes place in August is a day that we dedicate to our children and their families.

It is a day of fun, laughter and activity where the children who use our service and all their family members are invited to come together on the grounds of LauraLynn – Ireland’s Children’s Hospice, where our staff and dedicated volunteers create a special day for them all. The day includes face painters, bouncy castles, games entertainers, stilt walkers, a marquee tent for activities, a DJ, Build-A-Bear, a first aid tent, a treasure hunt, as well as big BBQ and an ice cream van with spot prizes for all! All of the activities are especially designed and created for the participation of our children, and their families can join in the fun. This special day for our families would cost us over €6,000, but with the in-kind support of many suppliers, this cost is halved.

Rosie & Jim have this year sponsored the cost of this incredible event for us, ensuring the provision of a wonderful day for all the family to enjoy together.

We were honoured to have the opportunity to sponsor a hole at the recent Lynas Charity golf day.

Lynas Charity raised a total of £12000 for the following 3 charities:

Cancer Research
Causeway Coast Compassion
Mae Murray foundation

Well done everyone!


Rosie and Jim were especially delighted to donate €450 to our very own staff member Tracey who was fundraising for Aoibheann’s Pink Tie charity. Tracey was one of over 2,000 women who set a new world record with the Worlds Largest Skinny Dip event at a secluded beach in Wicklow. With all proceeds going to the National Children’s Cancer Charity it really is a fantastic charity to support.

Tracey also held a fundraiser night and we were more than happy to provide the food for the night which raised €1400.

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Find out more on the website -


Guide Dogs Puppy - Izzy

Meet Izzy and his puppy raiser, Emma!

Izzy is now settling in well in Duleek, Meath with her puppy raiser Emma, but has already made a few trips to Dublin during her early solcialisation.

Emma refers to Izzy as her baby now! She is a great spirited young pup as Emma says and she is taking to her training really well.

Have a look as photos of Izzy, some of her when she first arrived with Emma, and some recent ones also.

Photos of Izzy - he's growing fast!

Rosie & Jim are thrilled to have donated €4,500 to fund a sensory bedroom for a Make-A-Wish child and make a wish come true. A sensory bedroom has made a huge difference to wish child Donal who is living with Sensory Modulation Disorder. His condition means that his nervous system needs intense input and he craves busy, stimulating environments, touches and brings everything to his mouth and has a poor attention span. A multi-sensory room has provided him with a fun and safe atmosphere to explore and develop.

Donal’s mother got in touch to thank us and you for making his wish come true. She said:

“We designed Donal’s room around an area in the hope that the wish would be granted. We are so happy with it as it’s Donal’s own area/pad/den & it’s perfect for him. Donal gets physio each week and it’s also a great spot for this – the padded floor is excellent. Donal enjoys himself, watching his favourite music videos – his smile will tell you more than any words!!! It’s been great seeing Donal quickly learn that this comfy den his. He can shuffle to it from anywhere downstairs and he just has to look up at the projector to tell us that he wants it on. His posture is very good when he’s on his beanbag as his spine is really straight. In fact, it’s one of the very few times that Donal has a relatively straight back.”

"Your support has made a really powerful difference in Donal’s life and for that we are truly grateful. Keep up the good work and thank you from everyone at Make-A-Wish Ireland." says Irene from Make-A-Wish Ireland.

We at Rosie & Jim are delighted to announce that our total donations to Irish Charities and Community Groups throughout 2016 came to just over €12,000.

In addition Rosie & Jim also donated more than 2,000 kilos of chicken products to Irish food charities who provide support to the less well off in our communities.

Flexmort CuddleCot System - Rosie & Jim Chicken ProductsUnfortunately all of the babies and children who spend time at LauraLynn – Ireland’s Children’s Hospice are life-limited by their conditions. The saddest and most difficult thing our families must face during their time with us is the loss of their little boy or girl. Dealing with the death of a baby is an incredibly difficult time for parents and many bereaved parents wish to spend some time with the baby. The CuddleCot is used to cool deceased babies allowing the family time to spend time with the baby. With this special piece of equipment, families can use our Butterfly Suite, a special room built for families to spend time with their little one after they have passed away, to say goodbye in as comfortable and peaceful a way as possible.

“Having this piece of equipment is a wonderful thing. As painful as it is, it gives parents like me some quality time with their loved one, it certainly did for me.” - Parent