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Guide Dogs Puppy - Izzy

Meet Izzy and his puppy raiser, Emma!

Izzy is now settling in well in Duleek, Meath with her puppy raiser Emma, but has already made a few trips to Dublin during her early solcialisation.

Emma refers to Izzy as her baby now! She is a great spirited young pup as Emma says and she is taking to her training really well.

Have a look as photos of Izzy, some of her when she first arrived with Emma, and some recent ones also.

Photos of Izzy - he's growing fast!

Rosie & Jim - Charity Support - LauraLynnLauraLynn is required to incorporate on-going learning into its service development initiatives, but unfortunately the cost of this is considerable.  Rosie & Jim have supported us this quarter by putting funding towards educational and training resources for our nurses and carers.  Funding for educational books and training for development and up-skilling is crucial to the development of the service and care we provide here. 

Sponsorship of our Annual Report

Each year LauraLynn release an Annual Report, where our members, service users and funders can read about our activities and achievements in the past year while learning about our future objectives. It is an invaluable tool for communicating with all our stakeholders. We are hugely grateful to Rosie & Jim for sponsoring our Annual Report this year.

See more about LauraLynn Clinical Education & Training Department >

Rosie & Jim are pleased to have donated €1,500 to the St. Conleth’s Ladies Gaelic Foodball team again in 2021.

The St. Conleths club was formed in 2002 and is the Courtwood ladies club joined by players from the Portarlington area. The club’s name comes from a hurling club in the area in the 1960s.

Check out the Clubs Facebook page here:

Rosie & Jim are delighted to donate €50 for a Tee Box and €100 as a contribution for the Mayfield GAA Annual Golf Classic fundraising event.

This annual event, raising money for the running costs of the club, is on this Friday 21st June at the Waterrock Golf Club.

Good luck to the 40/50 teams participating!

Rosie & Jim sponsored the catering at the annual fundraising cycle for Currow Ladies Football Club. Here are few words from the ladies..

"Currow Ladies Football Club would like to thank Rosie and Jim for sponsoring the beautiful chicken goujons and chunks that we served at our annual fundraising cycle on Sunday June 12th. They went down a treat with everyone :) "

See more photos and keep up to date with Currow Ladies Football Club on Facebook >

Rosie & Jim are pleased to share they have donated €1000 to Society of St. Vincent de Paul Ireland.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) was founded in Ireland in 1844. It is the largest voluntary charitable organisation in Ireland.

Find out more on their website:



Izzy - Guide Dog for the Blind - Glendalough September 2019

Izzy is in great form and was on a spot of sightseeing locally last weekend in Glendalough.

Emma, her puppy raiser, is delighted with progress to date as their time together shortens.

We at Rosie & Jim are delighted to announce that our total donations to Irish Charities and Community Groups throughout 2016 came to just over €12,000.

In addition Rosie & Jim also donated more than 2,000 kilos of chicken products to Irish food charities who provide support to the less well off in our communities.

Rosie & Jim are delighted to donate €50 for a Tee Box and €150 as a contribution for the Mayfield GAA Annual Golf Classic fundraising event.

This annual event, raising money for the running costs of the club, was on last Friday 8th July at the Blarney Golf Club.

Rosie & Jim are delighted to donate €300 to the Wild Atlantic Wains ChildrenHelpingChildren Concert. The concert is a fundraiser for A Better Life for Livie Fund.

Find out more about Livie and the many fundraising events here:

Also check out A better life for Livie on Facebook and all the social platforms. She needs as many heroes as possible to save her. Imagine if just 1 euro per view went to the fund, we could really make a difference.


Who Is Livie ?

Olivia Mulhern is an 8 month old baby recently diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1. Without treatment her condition will deteriorate and it will be unlikely she could survive past her second birthday.

What Is SMA ?

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is caused by a gene deletion that causes deterioration of the nerve cells connecting Livies' brain and spinal cord to her muscles. There is no cure and Livie has the most severe type.

Donate now

Livies best hope is a one off gene treatment, currently only available in America and costing a staggering two million dollars. Livie is against the clock as this treatment is only available to children under two years old.

We were honoured to have the opportunity to sponsor a hole at the recent Lynas Charity golf day.

Lynas Charity raised a total of £12000 for the following 3 charities:

Cancer Research
Causeway Coast Compassion
Mae Murray foundation

Well done everyone!


Rosie & Jim have made a donation in the amount of €500 to the Irish Cancer Society Night Nurse.

This charity service is so important for cancer patients and their families - especially at Christmas.

Please read through the letter from the Irish Cancer Society and donate if you can...

My name is Hilary, and I work as a Night Nurse for the Irish Cancer Society. For me, learning that this is many people’s last wish has been incredibly powerful. Because it shows how in the most emotional and heart-breaking of times, the things that comfort us most are those small, precious moments. Like hearing grandchildren laughing in the next room. The chance to have important conversations. The cosiest blanket. A window cracked open to hear the birds in the morning. Loved ones checking in, holding your hand, wrapping you up in warmth and love. Right now, you can help a family have their loved one at home during those final precious days, by providing them with a Night Nurse. I can't picture a more beautiful, moving or important Christmas gift.