Thank you to your entire company...


Thanks so much to the lovely person who sent us this message who preferred to remain anon.

"As a coeliac, I've found your products to be somewhat life changing in terms of diet and what can be physically eaten readily. This may go unnoticed but I’ll say it anyway, thank you to your entire company for their hard work in developing a gluten free range and continuing to release new products."

We just want to say thanks right back to you.


Andrew - One of our sponsored Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind


It's lovely to get updates from the Irish Guide Dogs on our lovely sponsor doggies.

Here's an update on Andrew.

"Andrew has progressed well with his training. He has learnt to stop at kerbs, his straight line. He knows his left and right turns and can find doors, stairs, and lifts. He is willing, responsive and clever.. He is enjoying the work and on his time off, he loves going to the woods for a run and swimming."

Image – Looking handsome & With Wendy (also in training).


Rosie & Jim sponsor Meat Products for Coeliac Society of Ireland Food List 2022


Rosie & Jim have once again sponsored the Meat Products Category in the Coeliac Society of Ireland Food List 2022!

Check out our full list of Gluten Free Products on page 137 of this invaluable bumper 320 paged guide.


Coeliac Society of Ireland Food List 2022

Each year the Coeliac Society produces a “List of Gluten-Free Manufactured Products”, also referred to as the “Food List”.


Our plastic packaging is now recyclable.


Did you know?

We are thrilled to announce that our plastic packaging is now recyclable!




Update on April - our sponsored Irish Guide Dog for the Blind

Here are some gorgeous images of April who will become a brood, a mum, to many more superhero doggies. It will be some time yet before she has her first litter but we can't WAIT for that cuteness!


Rosie & Jim - now available in Germany!


We are thrilled and excited to share that Rosie & Jim Chicken is now available in Germany!

Our Breaded Chicken Fillet, Southern Fried Fillet and Southern Fried Goujons are stocked at selected Kaufland and Familia & Combi throughout Germany.

We are hoping to grow our range and our stockists so ...

Tell your German friends and send them to our dedicated Website and Social Networks -

German Website - https://www.rosieandjim.de/