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We are delighted to share that April, Andrew and Aska are getting on well with their new puppy raisers and settling in with all the family.

Check out these recent photos of Hank, our sponsored Guide Dog for the Blind.  He is loving life and befriends most animals he meets. His puppy raiser, Bernadette, says he is doing very well, very intelligent, obedient and diligent to work. He's almost 9 months old now and growing fast. He will remain with his puppy raiser, Bernadette, for around another 3 to 4 months depending on scheduling of training at HQ in Cork.

Check out our sponsored Guide Dog in training April.  Isn't she a beauty?  Thanks to her puppy raiser Amanda for sending in these fab photos. She is clearly thriving and doing really well on her career path.

izzy july 19
izzy july 19

Check out these gorgeous photos of Izzy sent by her raiser Emma at the weekend. Here she is enjoying the beautiful scenery (and company) in Galway and making the trip over to Dursey Island, Cork via the cable car which she took all in her stride!

Andrew our sponsored Irish Guide Dog for the Blind loves to work hard, rest hard & play hard!  What a good boy he is training for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind coolangel

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As you can see, Hank is growing into a handsome young man for sure. He is great with other animals and takes his role at the allotment Bernadette and her husband have very seriously indeed :)


Hank in August on allotment standing in mud
Hank rolling in the mud
Hank leading the horse with reins in his mouth

Champ has been busy over the last few months.  At the Botanical Gardens in June. Lunch at Skerries Mills in July. Coffee on the pier in Howth in Aug. He's loving life!

We're delighted that Champ, Izzy and Hank are all really going well in their training and likely to make their way to Cork for formal training in late September or early October.


Champ in July. Lunch at Skerries Mills
Champ in June. Botanical Gardens
Champ in Aug. Coffee on the Howth pier

Everyone needs a bit of play time! April, our sponsored Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind sponsored puppy and her friends are having a ball together and learning how to share their toys. Her puppy raiser Amanda says she loves being out and about! Thanks for the photos Amanda :)

Izzy - Guide Dog for the Blind - Glendalough September 2019

Izzy is in great form and was on a spot of sightseeing locally last weekend in Glendalough.

Emma, her puppy raiser, is delighted with progress to date as their time together shortens.

This is a lovely photo of Aska, one of our sponsored Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. 

She is doing really well on her training - here she is on a trip to Croke Park!

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Hank - Guide Dog for the Blind October 2019 - standing on a boulder

Hank - our handsome boy enjoying his last few weeks with his puppy raiser Bernadette.

The pups will make their way to Cork in the next few weeks for year 2 and formal training will begin.

Exciting times for all three of them - though they are sure to miss their puppy raisers.

Wow - Andrew, our sponsored Irish Guide Dog in training is doing so well. We received this update on how he is doing in his training.

Andrew’s training has been coming on a treat. He is now just over a year old and about to head off to Cork for his adult training. When he is out and about on a training walk, he goes about the business of leading, walking calmly.
He is now good at ignoring the enticing smells of lamp posts - focussing instead on the treats he gets for doing so. He has been travelling on the Luas, a bus and in the car. He has not been able to enjoy the social life in cafes due to covid but has been very good at sitting down under park benches in preparation for a cafe lifestyle.
He is very aware of people. He walks up the stairs slowly next to me, waiting on the return for me to turn to go up the next flight of stairs. Although he is very sociable, he prioritises a call or whistle from me over playing with his friends - he has great recall. He is learning to avoid distractions when in a “wait” in a sit or down position.
On free runs Andrew is very sociable and likes to play with dogs of equal energy. Although he is no toughie when it comes to other dogs, he shows his confidence and belief in aiming high when it comes to what he thinks of as sticks but are, in reality, logs, as you can see in the photographs.

It's really fantastic to hear how he is learning and progressing as well as what he is good at and what are his favourite things to do. We are very excited for his future.

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