Rosie & Jim support "All Shook Up" The Musical by Coláiste Íosagáin

Thrilled to play our part in bringing the arts to life!
Rosie & Jim proudly supports Coláiste Íosagáin, Portarlington, with a €100 full-page ad for their musical production, "All Shook Up."

Break a leg to all the talented students involved!




Proud to Support Rath National School's Christmas Fundraiser €145

We're delighted to contribute to the festive spirit by taking out a full-page ad worth €145 in support of Rath National School's Christmas fundraiser.
It's a joy to help light up our community this holiday season!

Find out more about the school on their website - http://www.rathns.ie/


Pepe: A Rising Star Among Guide Dogs in Training!

We're excited to share a glimpse into the life of Pepe, one of the charming Irish Guide Dogs puppies sponsored by Rosie & Jim!  With his puppy raiser, Jacqui, in Rathfarnham, Pepe is truly 'flying it' in his training.
Under the guidance of Jacqui, one of the most experienced puppy raisers with Irish Guide Dogs, Pepe is making remarkable progress. His adventures have taken him to local shops, parks, and supermarkets, and he's handling all these new experiences with impressive ease and confidence.


Puppy Tales: Meet Percy, the Beach-Loving Guide Dog in Training!

Say hello to Percy, one of the adorable Irish Guide Dogs puppies proudly sponsored by Rosie & Jim!

Thanks to his puppy raiser Eva in Waterford, we've got a delightful update and some heartwarming photos of Percy enjoying his beach adventures in Tramore.

At 13 weeks old, Percy is already showing us his unique personality. He's a big, sensitive fellow who dives headfirst into new experiences - from bounding around to seeking cuddles for reassurance.
Eva shares,


Rosie & Jim donate £200 to the Henderson Foodservice Christmas Charity Raffle

Rosie & Jim donate £200 to the Henderson Foodservice Christmas Big Charity Raffle.

Henderson Foodservice are passionate about supporting the local communities and undertake various fundraising activities for their 3 charity partners; Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice, PIPS and Jack & Jill Foundation.

"These local charities are very close to our hearts as a business."

Best of luck to Henderson Foodservice on this brilliant fundraising event.


Pebbles: A Future Guide Dog in Training!

Here is Pebbles, one of the adorable Irish Guide Dogs puppies proudly sponsored by Rosie & Jim. Captured here by her puppy raiser Niamh in Sandyford, Pebbles is quickly settling into her new home and embarking on an incredible journey. At just 3 months old, Pebbles, along with her furry friends, is starting to explore the world and learn the ropes. These early months are crucial as they work with our dedicated puppy raising supervisors. They're mastering basic commands and taking their first steps in socialisation – all key skills for their future roles as guide dogs.