Rosie & Jim fund a sensory bedroom for a Make-A-Wish child Donal | Rosie & Jim - Premium Gluten Free Chicken Products

Rosie & Jim are thrilled to have donated €4,500 to fund a sensory bedroom for a Make-A-Wish child and make a wish come true. A sensory bedroom has made a huge difference to wish child Donal who is living with Sensory Modulation Disorder. His condition means that his nervous system needs intense input and he craves busy, stimulating environments, touches and brings everything to his mouth and has a poor attention span. A multi-sensory room has provided him with a fun and safe atmosphere to explore and develop.

Donal’s mother got in touch to thank us and you for making his wish come true. She said:

“We designed Donal’s room around an area in the hope that the wish would be granted. We are so happy with it as it’s Donal’s own area/pad/den & it’s perfect for him. Donal gets physio each week and it’s also a great spot for this – the padded floor is excellent. Donal enjoys himself, watching his favourite music videos – his smile will tell you more than any words!!! It’s been great seeing Donal quickly learn that this comfy den his. He can shuffle to it from anywhere downstairs and he just has to look up at the projector to tell us that he wants it on. His posture is very good when he’s on his beanbag as his spine is really straight. In fact, it’s one of the very few times that Donal has a relatively straight back.”

"Your support has made a really powerful difference in Donal’s life and for that we are truly grateful. Keep up the good work and thank you from everyone at Make-A-Wish Ireland." says Irene from Make-A-Wish Ireland.