Rosie & Jim donate €500 for 'Musgrave Triathlon…. That’s not a triathlon' | Rosie & Jim - Premium Gluten Free Chicken Products

Rosie & Jim have donated €500 to the annual Musgrave Triathlon fundraiser. This year it's a bit different.

The Musgrave Triathalon has helped raise a staggering €4.8 million for a number of charities. In 2019 they raised €220,000. They distributed these funds by giving €140,000 to Breakthrough Cancer Research to fund another Musgrave Cancer Research 3-year PHD Scholarship with the aim to improve cancer care and increase survival rates. €40,000 to AsIAm to employ a community support officer to provide one to one advice and guidance to the autism community. It also funded a series of events, across the country addressing issues which the community support officer identifies are common trends and challenges for the community. €40,000 to Focus Ireland, which were used to help 45 young people leaving state care to access the support, skills, education and develop the confidence they need to live independently.

As we all know well 2020 has been a year unlike any other we have ever encountered and through this pandemic charities have been one of those areas that have been hit hard. So, for 2020 they are doing something a little different - the “Musgrave Triathlon…. That’s not a triathlon” Virtual event. The chosen charity is Breakthrough Cancer Research.

For the month of November they will run the “Musgrave Triathlon…. that’s not a Triathlon” for colleagues, retailers and suppliers of Musgraves. The event has a range of activities that you can chose from and the aim is to complete them over the month of November. You can sign up for 50km or 100km and your activity can be swimming, cycling, running, walking etc. how you build up your kilometers is up to you. There is also an option to do activity hours of 15 or 30 hours and this can be for aerobic classes, yoga, spinning or gym work. Finally, there is an option to sign up to challenges which will be set for the month and weekly videos distributed these will include, toning, aerobic and yoga challenges.

Keep in touch with their website for more details.