Rosie & Jim have made a donation in the amount of €500 to the Irish Cancer Society Night Nurse.

This charity service is so important for cancer patients and their families - especially at Christmas.

Please read through the letter from the Irish Cancer Society and donate if you can...

My name is Hilary, and I work as a Night Nurse for the Irish Cancer Society. For me, learning that this is many people’s last wish has been incredibly powerful. Because it shows how in the most emotional and heart-breaking of times, the things that comfort us most are those small, precious moments. Like hearing grandchildren laughing in the next room. The chance to have important conversations. The cosiest blanket. A window cracked open to hear the birds in the morning. Loved ones checking in, holding your hand, wrapping you up in warmth and love. Right now, you can help a family have their loved one at home during those final precious days, by providing them with a Night Nurse. I can't picture a more beautiful, moving or important Christmas gift.