Rosie & Jim donate €2,500 to Somalia & Horn of Africa Hunger Crisis appeal | Rosie & Jim - Premium Gluten Free Chicken Products

Rosie & Jim have donated €2,500 to the Somalia & Horn of Africa Hunger Crisis UNICEF Ireland appeal.

This donation goes towards life-saving food, clean water and medicine for children living through disaster in Somalia and the Horn of Africa region.

Children in Somalia are in desperate need. Severe malnutrition has reached crisis levels across the region. 1.5 million children are already malnourished and 386,000 children are suffering from the most dangerous form of malnutrition – Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). They are on the verge of death if they do not get urgent help. Relentless droughts and soaring food prices continue to devastate families. Ongoing conflict and alarming outbreaks of cholera and measles are only making the situation worse. Children are dying and they need lifesaving food now.

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