Meet Jack Fenlon, an incredible 18-year-old athlete from Ballybrittas, whose life revolves around the track and field.
Jack's ultimate dream? To represent his country at the Olympics and secure a professional contract. His dedication is unmatched, training 10 times a week, running twice a day on most days, and hitting the gym.
This passion for running runs deep in his family, starting when he was just 8 years old, following in his father's footsteps.
Jack's journey is taking an exciting turn as he heads to Villanova University on an athletics scholarship. Under the guidance of the legendary Marcus O'Sullivan, a former world champion, Jack aims to carve a brilliant career ahead.

"I’d like to thank Rosie and Jimmy for the sponsorship which will certainly help me progress to a senior athlete and with my future goals!" - Jack Fenlon

We, at Rosie & Jim, are thrilled to support Jack in his quest for greatness. While we've proudly sponsored his journey, let's focus on the incredible future that awaits this young athlete.