Celebrating National Tree Week with Action!

In honour of National Tree Week, Rosie & Jim is excited to share our recent contribution to Ireland's green landscape. This February, we've added 12 more trees to our growing forest, underscoring our steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability.

Since March 2021, our efforts have resulted in the planting of 420 trees at a total investment of €8400. With an annual contribution that leads to 144 trees planted, we're actively working towards reducing carbon emissions and supporting a healthier planet.

Inspired by Wolfgang Reforest's mission to ignite a widespread tree-planting movement, we're proud to be part of an initiative that not only fights climate change but also revitalises ecosystems.

As we celebrate National Tree Week, a pivotal event organised by the Tree Council of Ireland in partnership with Coillte, we're reminded of the critical role trees play in combating climate change and enhancing biodiversity. This year’s theme, "Planting Trees for a Greener Future," echoes our vision for a sustainable world.

Saplings provided by Coillte are distributed to communities through County Councils, fostering a nationwide effort to green our beautiful island. If you're participating in a National Tree Week event and looking to acquire trees, reach out to your local County Council.

Let's plant together for a greener, more resilient future.