Chicken – White meat, green footprint!

Rosie & Jim Chicken ProductsWe all know that Chicken meat is lean, tender and nutritious…

As if these features were not enough, recent works of research show that chicken is also considered to be by far the ‘greenest’ environment friendly source of meat available, when compared against beef and pork.

Of the top 3 meats consumed worldwide (beef, pork, chicken), chicken is the most land saving, requiring in between 20-40 square meters of land over the whole production chain to produce 1kg of meat, compared to 40-80 square meters for pork and 80-140 square meters for beef.

Producing one kilogram of chicken meat requires less than 2kg of feed and 3,900litres of water (over the whole chain), against 3 kg and 4,900 litres for pork and 5kg and 15,500 litres for beef.

Overall, the worldwide trend towards consumption of chicken over beef or pork, has a tremendously positive impact on the usage of natural resources. This efficiency is achieved with a minimal impact on the environment, as the gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) to produce 1kg of chicken meat is equivalent to a driving distance of 22.7km, against 31.6km per kg for pork and 79.1 km per kg for beef.

Last but not least, the percentage of saleable weight as a percentage of the live weight is highest for chicken at 50%, second for pork at 45% and lowest for beef at 36%.